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We Show No Favoritism
*** Standing in the Gap for Those Who Cannot Stand on Their Own ***


Isaiah 42:16
"I will lead the blind along an unfamiliar way;
I will guide them down paths they have never traveled.
I will turn the darkness in front of them into light,
and level out the rough ground;
This is what I will do for them.
I will not abandon them."

2010 - Marian and Cristina had a vision to open a ministry for orphans, people at risk, and those living in poverty in Mures County. God brought usBruce Hodge and David Loveland to become partners in this ministry through the Kairos Foundation and helped the vision of ProVision become realized

September 2, 2010 - ProVision becomes an official Romanian foundation.

April 2012 - Founders Marian and Cristina officially make Dana Cortright a part of the ProVision team, working for the Stateside ministries. Dana brings the first official ProVision summer team. Cristina Ciurariu-Gliga and Dana Schiavo-Cortright had begun ministry together, working with the special needs kindergartners in the local orphanage in 2002. Their relationship only grew over the years.

Summer 2012 - Samantha Mayer stays for a month as ProVision's first summer intern. She starts a baseball/softball camp in the gypsy village. The kids love learning a new sport!

Who we are:

Cristina Ciurariu-Gliga
Co-Founder/ Executive Director in Romania
11 years experience in orphan care and clinical counseling
Master's Level degree in Counseling/Psychology
Marian Ciurariu-Gliga
Co-Founder/Assistant Director in Romania
10 years experience in orphan care
Part of the Leadership in the local Church


Dana Schiavo-Cortright
Director in the US/Missions Coordinator
12 years experience in orphan care and leading teams
Master's Level degree in Counseling/Psychology


Our Vision:

Marian and Cristina founded ProVision with the vision to provide for physical needs, education, training and counseling, to aid in orphan prevention.
Dana brought in a passion to see international teams and interns come to serve alongside the staff and volunteers in Romania.
All three have always focused on relationship building. Humanitarian aid is used to build these relationships, so that conversations about Jesus can happen. We believe we feed their bodies, in order to have the opportunity to feed their souls. Evangelism is the goal, but we also believe that discipleship is equally important. Our ministries are geared to not just see souls saved, but to see them bear fruit and come alongside of them in their journey.

Staff and Volunteers:

ProVision would not be able to be accomplish all of the ministries it has set up if it were not for the staff and volunteers who sacrificially give up their time and energy to serve as well. Those who have chosen to serve alongside ProVision are greatly appreciated!
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