ProVision Romania
We Show No Favoritism
*** Standing in the Gap for Those Who Cannot Stand on Their Own ***


We believe in one God who is Father to all who believe.
Love and Compassion guide us in the mission to assist those in need.
We try to follow the Savior's example in helping the poor,
affected, oppressed and marginalized,
especially children.

There are approximately 80,000 orphans in Romania. 80% of them are Gypsy.
ProVision has set up ministries to serve the orphans, 
but also has the understanding that since such a large percent of orphans are Gypsy, 
it is imperative to meet the needs at the root of the problem - in the villages themselves.
Statistics show that 78% of children whose parents are not educated are living in poverty,
as opposed to only 2% of children with parents who have high levels of education.

ProVision is dedicated to reaching out to young children, teens, young adults, and families through various different types of care.
All are focused on evangelizing, caring and supporting, and bringing hope and a future.

Gypsy Care and Humanitarian Aid
It's a program who provide for very poor village community food, supplies, clothes, etc. Also, we share the gospel of salvation and we are doing Bible programs with kids.

Helping families through a specific difficult period of time raise and care for their children in order to prevent the cycle of abandonment.
Orphans graduate care - education, counseling, training and develop life skill for orphans who are not anymore in state care

Short-term Teams and Interns
leading Vacation Bible School Programs and Camps

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